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Noways, a professional website is the foundation of every company’s image building. It allows to easily and effectively reach a large audience, present the most important information about the company, business operations, offer, product and even direct sale of a service.

Website building service

Website creation is a multilayer service that involves many factors – functional, aesthetic and technical. It is a combination of art (visual appearance), technology (platform, script, software) and psychology (ergonomics of website use, forms, website mechanics). Only an efficient combination of all these factors leads to success.

Internet website

It is a representation of your company on the internet, a counterpart of an office or a commercial property. The website is a place where customers familiarize with your company’s offer and form their opinions about it. It is worth taking care of its visual appearance, professional finishing and search engine visibility keeping in mind that the cost of preparing and maintaining such a virtual facility is much lower compared to a real world location.

From the beginning of our business we put strong emphasis on development and improvement of website creation offers.

Why? Because the web is not only the future but also the present for a large part of society. It is convenient, full of information, relatively cheap as a medium of data exchange and advertising. What is more, a great number of people identifies the Internet with WWW service, that is website browsing. Going one step further - a company that does not have a website on the Internet does not exist for a large part of potential customers. Closing up on this segment of company functioning is (with minor exceptions) unwise and leads to a profit loss.


Functionality of a website

Well-designed website has many functions. It is both your company's business card, a presentation of your offer (product or service catalog) and an information system (news, emergency information e.g. about a change of address or contact). Website can also be extended with contact collection mechanisms like a newsletter or a contact form, building relationships with customers through About Us or Trusted Us sections. Extending a website with news, galleries or an online forum will simplify contact and develop the informative function. Therefore, we begin each project by analyzing your needs in order to offer a product suited to your business.


Basic functions of a website

When building a user-friendly and effective website, it should be understood that its individual parts have their own function and their proper selection will affect the satisfaction of visitors and potentially the gain or loss of a customer.

  • Informative function of a website
    Each website presents a selected range of information about the company, product or service through subpages such as About Us, Contact or Offer.
  • Acquiring new customers through a Website
    Proper SEO optimization of a website will allow you to gain more visitors, increase visibility in search engines and content aggregation services.
  • Conversion of existing visitors to the website
    Both people who found your website as a result of SEO activities and those who were acquired earlier (people who know your website address or your company from other media) can be converted into customers (buyers). Thanks to the knowledge of website users' behavior, by placing CTA (Call to Action) elements in the appropriate places, we can significantly increase the conversion rate and thus increase the profitability of the website.
  • Customer relationship maintenance / image function
    Both pre- and post-sales service of your customers requires an appropriate presentation (company image creation), preparation of helpful content for the customer (Terms of Service, Guarantees, Safety Policy, Regulations) or mechanisms (order form, warranty form, safety policy, regulations) or even presentation of contact details and information about the company.
  • Additional website mechanisms
    In order to simplify the procedure of certain actions, it is worth planning additional mechanisms, such as automatic pricing forms or an offer search engine. This allows, on the one hand, to increase the quality of customer service and on the other, to relieve the staff of your company and automate to some extent the processes that can consume valuable time of an employee.

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Pages compatible with mobile devices


Creating Responsive Websites

Over the last few years we have been observing a growing trend towards increasing the percentage share of mobile phones and other mobile devices in the overall traffic on websites, both in information and sales portals.  The way users use the web is changing and the market needs to prepare for it.

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